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933 days ago 2 comments Categories: Dating and Personals Tags: long distance relationship
uhh.. i have a boyfriend, well i think we're still in a relationship, sort-of, haha i honestly don't know.. well we've been together for almost 2years now, but maybe that's the over statement of the decade.. since we're really just together for a couple of months.. we met and became friends during our review for licensure exams, maybe dated for a few weeks then eventually became more than that.. got separated because of certain circumstances but stayed in the relationship.. he went abroad shortly.. and up until now he's somewhere out there.. we haven't seen each other physically for 1 and a half year now.. so you see we've been away from each other longer that we were together.. it eats me.. it eats me up alive.. it's torture not to see him, but we somehow made it because of communication.. but it's getting harder and harder.. i can't stand the fact that he's not able to give me a message sometimes.. and i kept on complaining about it.. that "sometimes" that he couldn't send me a message is turning to "most of the time" now.. slowly depleting to none at all.. and i can't keep up.. i need to have a way to talk to him or just to know where he is, just to save my sanity.. it is irritating and it hurts to know that he can't manage to give me even just a little portion of his time.. i already tried silent treatment but i can't last for 3days.. that's maximum that i could handle.. arggh what pisses me off more is the thought of him cheating on me.. and i hate it.. so far we haven't spoken that much for almost a week now.. and this last month has been just "hi - hello" "good morning and good night" to us.. and that's a nightmare for long distance relationships.. that leaves me here clueless.. clueless on what to do, how to act and the when to stop thinking about it..
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  •  naptime wrote 845 Days Ago (neutral) 
    I hate to break it to you but you are not in a relationship with him.. if you have to ask yourself, then you are NOT. Stop all communication with him.. do not return his calls, do not answer them. Send him one message right now and tell him that you deserve someone who wants to be "in" a relationship. Good luck to him and goodbye. You are only torturing yourself with this and you need to get on with your life with a real guy who can give you what you need. You need to be strong girl!! You can do it!!!
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  •  admin wrote 931 Days Ago (neutral) 
    So, did you guys ever define the relationship. Did you define that you are both in an exclusive boyfriend/girlfriend type situation?
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