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Writing to ease the pain.
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He left me...Broken
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After a 6 month break up (on again, off again) I am ready to let go. I know it will be no easy task so I am going to let out all of my frustrations in this blog.
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Shadows, Shattered Glass and the Stupidest Letter in the World
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I am creating a blog.
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What will become of me now?
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My ex of 6 months broke-up with me and I am hoping this blog will serve as a place to vent and to eventually see how far I have come.
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">">GET OVER IT!!!...a rollarcoaster ride of the up's and downs as i go through the process of "getting over it"... ">GET OVER IT!!!
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I learned something very important in my life. I learned that people need money, but it's bad to have too much money. I realized that someone with a lot of money, doesn't have anything else but money.
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I'm 24 I waws married at 19 and divorced at 20 for a man I fell in love with. He was my best friend he went through my divorce, three deaths of people who were very close to my heart. He let me into h
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