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Writing to ease the pain.
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He left me...Broken
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After a 6 month break up (on again, off again) I am ready to let go. I know it will be no easy task so I am going to let out all of my frustrations in this blog.
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Shadows, Shattered Glass and the Stupidest Letter in the World
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I am creating a blog.
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What will become of me now?
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My ex of 6 months broke-up with me and I am hoping this blog will serve as a place to vent and to eventually see how far I have come.
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">">GET OVER IT!!!...a rollarcoaster ride of the up's and downs as i go through the process of "getting over it"... ">GET OVER IT!!!
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18 days ago 0 comments Categories: Dating and Personals Tags:
I'm 24 I waws married at 19 and divorced at 20 for a man I fell in love with. He was my best friend he went through my divorce, three deaths of people who were very close to my heart. He let me into h
103 days ago 1 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
Your right I wish things had been different. I wish I had been different in the relationship. I keep thinking maybe if I had been dating other guys or maybe if I wasn't codependent it would have been
111 days ago 1 comments Categories: Health Tags:
So it is getting much better. I am forgetting and the love is fading. But I still wonder if he ever loved me. I am not sure if that is important anymore or why I still wonder. And it is possible that
112 days ago 2 comments Categories: Health Tags:
2014-04-30 I am still having a difficult time studying for finals. I keep getting distracted by thoughts of him.  I am happy that with due time that love fades. I may never forget how much I loved him
113 days ago 1 comments Categories: Health Tags:
I just missing chatting with him. I miss the fact that we chatted about many things. I have lots of women friiends but I just don't seem to chat with them like I did with him.  I find that I am thinki
113 days ago 0 comments Categories: Health Tags:
SO when I was driving home from school tonight, I remember that fateful night. THe night he kicked me out of his house.  Lets recap that weekend. I was at his house the prior wednesday night and I had
114 days ago 1 comments Categories: Health Tags:
So I will try again. I relapsed on my birthday last week and contacted him. I spoke with him for a couple of days and then asked him if he wanted to start over again. After all that is what he want
122 days ago 2 comments Categories: Health Tags:
Apparently there are not that many bloggers on this site. Which is too bad. I had a momentary lapse on my birthday a few days ago and texted him.  He just reminded me how much a victim state he is liv
127 days ago 2 comments Categories: Health Tags:
2.25.14 So we had a good night together on Saturday although I am still banned from his house. On Sunday I invited myself to join him and his daughter. It was completely miserable. He treated me like
127 days ago 0 comments Categories: Health Tags:
  2/19/14 Hi there! So after a day in negotiations.  He claimed that nothing was his fault in the argument. He also has no issues and no repressed pain. Nothing was his fault and that it was all due t
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