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Here is my story..I do not know what to tell of it

created by templeofmax 22.12.2011 21:52 • last reply by admin 26.12.2011 13:34I am a guy, but figured the best place to ask for girl advice is here! My fiance broke up with me on november 1st. We were to...
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NC w/ the love of my life

created by Katelyn1023 30.11.2011 19:54 • last reply by admin 12.12.2011 12:32Ok so me and my ex had been together for 5 years... since I was 15 years old. I fell in love with him. I lost my virginity to...
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Please help...don't know where to turn

created by lani1362 28.10.2011 15:36 • last reply by admin 31.10.2011 12:31Where can I post what I am going through? I am new to this site and need advice.
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created by leftaloneagain_1 18.06.2010 15:01 • last reply by sdc83 16.10.2011 19:35
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Go me! Embarking on NC

created by MarieNeedsTime 17.08.2011 11:39 • last reply by admin 02.10.2011 17:37OK, I'm terrible at NC. I lack conviction! And I'm pms'y this week, so there's no controlling my emotions. But I pledg...
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confused and heartbroken

created by bR0kENhEARt3d 21.06.2011 22:09 • last reply by Laxgirl15 21.09.2011 16:46i apologize firstly for the lon...
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tried NC for 10 days until TODAY!

created by nikkig1126 23.08.2011 17:07 • last reply by admin 05.09.2011 08:17
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will he want me back if we have NC!?!?

created by nikkig1126 17.08.2011 15:31 • last reply by nikkig1126 17.08.2011 18:42
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Cannot stop thinking about him

created by amandalovespink 02.06.2011 10:24 • last reply by admin 12.06.2011 18:44For the past week I have not been able to stop thinking about my ex. We broke up almost two months ago after 3 1/2 years- he ...
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I'm single and not loving it

created by mabe 03.05.2011 13:13 • last reply by looking4hope86 31.05.2011 22:50Just to be clear I am single and I want to stay that way, but I don't know why.  It's scary to think that my last relationshi...
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