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Goodbye Love

created by VanillaTwilight 10.08.2010 05:33 • last reply by VanillaTwilight 10.08.2010 05:33  Dear Brett, I’ve needed to write this for a long time. Maybe it was fea...
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Dear Alex

created by Jcp19 17.07.2010 01:42 • last reply by Jcp19 17.07.2010 01:42I know you want to be friends with me, but I can't see you as a friend, because I still love you. How can you easily forget a...
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dear chris,

created by Lauren 23.05.2010 23:50 • last reply by Lauren 23.05.2010 23:50i hope that someday you wake up and realize that everytime you find something worth working for, you shy away- because you've...
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Dear Mike

created by littlefeet 29.04.2010 11:32 • last reply by littlefeet 29.04.2010 11:32Didn't think I'd be divorcing again.  Never wanted to.  Now that we have been apart for four months I realize you really have...
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bruised but not broken

created by spoiled 17.04.2010 02:49 • last reply by spoiled 17.04.2010 02:49i don't understand how you could move to start a foundation for us and accidentally end up with someone else.  was i not wort...
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my ex boyfriend..

created by glame 17.03.2010 23:06 • last reply by glame 17.03.2010 23:06
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created by moody 07.12.2009 12:55 • last reply by moody 07.12.2009 12:55Dear ex-love of mine,          Its been rough without you as much as i want to get mad at you for what you do...
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Dear Mike

created by sunnyday 22.11.2009 23:05 • last reply by sunnyday 22.11.2009 23:05 Dear Mike,    I dont know...
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Dear Mike, I miss you

created by sunnyday 22.11.2009 22:52 • last reply by sunnyday 22.11.2009 22:52Dear Mi...
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goodbye....i did sent it though...

created by alle5 04.11.2009 22:55 • last reply by alle5 04.11.2009 22:55
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