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Quote29.02.2012 13:101 people like thisLike
 K, It's been three months since you crushed my soul...completely out of the blue. GET A NEW JOB. Working with you is sheer hell. Sorry...but you're just a receptionist and this is my ACTUAL career. I've been here five years and built an entire department. Im respected, and valued here but I cannot concentrate with you around. Waiting for your dream job is a waste of time. You're under qualified for anything other than what you do now...and those jobs are a dime a dozen. I've never in my life let my guard down like I did with you. Ive never loved anyone like I loved you. I'm still so fucking confused. We had one minor fight the whole time we were together. We made love the day before I left town for those few days just prior to you telling me you " had been doing some thinking" VIA fucking text!! I really thought you loved me. I loved you. I would have done anything for you. I did do everything for you. Now all I see in your eyes is pity for me. How dare you pity me you bitch. You fucking tore my heart out. Get out of my life. Get a new job. Move onto your new life that will be full of regret when you realize you destroyed the man who loved you and would have done anything for you.
Quote29.03.2012 14:250 people like thisLike

I am so sorry that she broke your heart, but I know that is how I feel right now too. We will make it and one day we will look back at this relationship and realized that they did us a favor. Someone like that you will never be able to trust, even if she try. At lease I know for my own experience, even tho mine was just 1 1/2 week ago. I am really hurting still. Take Care, we are here for each other.

Quote29.03.2012 15:040 people like thisLike

I'm sorry for you too Latin Queen.  You're right about them doing us a favoe...I think.  It is still a struggle for me, as I have to see her EVERY day.  It is brutal.


I hope you are feeling a bit better.  I know this is quite a roller coaster of emotion to go through. Hang in there, and post often if it helps!


God Bless.


Quote06.06.2012 02:510 people like thisLike

I am a girl and I will be the first to admit it, girls are messed in the head. I can't believe how people can act so horribly and not realize their actions are actually hurting people.


I'm glad you're telling your story, makes it feel like I'm not alone because sometimes it feels like I'm the only one hurting.


Push on and don't let her tear apart your life! Keep strong!



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