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Quote06.06.2012 02:460 people like thisLike

Ok Look.


I told you straight out from the beginning of all this mess that we needed to be open and honest about our feelings and what do you go do..pull that same shit on me AGAIN. And what do I do...fall into that same old trap, once again. Asking me to move to your city and live with you, telling me you love me and calling me every night might have given away a hint that MAYBE you gave at least two shits about me and not pull the same old routine. It's been four years, 4 years of this on and off thing. I start liking you again, you start whining how horrible you life is without me, you tell me to come visit you or you visit me and we become really close up until then and then you leave or I leave and it goes right back to your same old life style of going around and screwing girls and being all single life with your friends until you hit rock bottom and become lonely. Then you tell me "it's the wrong time" "I'm too scared for a relationship" " I want to be single right now in my life" "but I want to be with you". You know what, and even though i say this a lot in the mirror. I Am Done. I'm done with your jealousy of me being around the opposite sex in general, I'm done with your whiny-ness and how "you're the only person who understands me" kind of speech, I'm done with your rude comments and I'm done with your pig head friends.

It's NOT okay to have sex with a girl five days before I see you and on that very same day you ask for us to get back together?!! It's NOT okay to keep me inside your house so I can't meet any of your friends. It's NOT okay to whistle at a chick while I'm sitting right next to you in the car. It's NOT okay to delete me off facebook ( not that I really care about that) because you see a picture of me with my best friend and her boyfriend. It's NOT okay to know that how much I love you and manipulate that when you're lonely. It's NOT okay to listen to your friends when they tell you that you should be single when I"M sitting right there. It's NOT okay for you to act like I am worthless to you and then tell me how much you care about me when your friends aren't around.


Get it right..  and stay out of my life.

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