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Over it, now just to stay that way..
Quote30.05.2010 16:080 people like thisLike

:) we've all been there. the days when we are "so totally over it" and then we try to go to sleep, or even sleep through the night and wake up the next completely backwards and the day is horribly painful and we miss our jerks. blah blah blah. i hate that cycle.

time really does heal all though, that is what im coming to find. because as time passes, i am able to see more and more clearly how much bullshit i actually dealt with that i had no reason to. i do not naturally deal with dramatic, manipulative people, so why did i deal with this boy for so many years? it was insanity for sure.

but now it's finally over! he is out of my life, angry that im ready to move on. he has blocked me from every internet application possible, which has only made my life that much easier since i don't have to feel dumb for blocking him while simultaneously being unable to check his stuff even if i wanted to (which i do not).

so my encouragement to you today is not to give up! and something that helps me a lot is to think of all the things i wished my boyfriend had liked or been supportive of and putting it on my 'list' for the next guy. just know that you WILL find a better guy than your ex. they are out there. :]



Quote01.06.2010 09:310 people like thisLike

What a great, uplifting blog! I am sure that many other people will feel as inspired as I am by reading this!

Quote01.06.2010 17:200 people like thisLike

Thanks for this!  It's nice to hear that it will get better.  It gives me hope that in time I will be myself again.  I'm still in that "cycle" that you speak of, but great for you for having this realization of moving on to bigger and better prospects.  Every girl on here deserves better, hopefully we find it soon.

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