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Starting to get over it...slowly
Quote24.11.2009 13:330 people like thisLike

I am not sure if this post should be under this topic because to be honest I am NOT over it. I want to be over it though so I figure that has to be a good start in the right direction. Anyways, unfortunately, I do not have any advice or inspiring words to help all you others move on but I was thinking that maybe we can share with each other the things that we do or think that make us feel better and start to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel! I know I could use some ideas for what to do when I am feeling down.

One thing for me is that I tend to miss him most when I am laying down at night about to fall asleep. I have been watching a lot of really cheesy chick flicks lately and for some reason they make me feel better, or at least less anxious at night.

What things do you guys do to help you feel better!?

Quote24.11.2009 17:080 people like thisLike

Good idea. I probably would have put it in the first forum so more people would read it. But anyway...

First it was coming here and talking to people. Then it was doing The Breakup Workbook. Mostly a lot of it was getting into a spot where I was strong and not contacting him - that made me feel good. I have my dog and my cat, my friends and occassionally my family. I found that when I was alone I would drink too much, eat too much crap, smoke too much and just generally never smile. When I am with my friends, no matter how crappy I feel, they always make me smile.

The gym is a godsend too. I always feel a million times better after that.

Quote20.02.2010 06:450 people like thisLike

I haven't found an easy way to get over my ex-bf...afterall...the break-up happened two days ago...however, I find myself avoiding a lot of sad love songs...especially those that we consider as OUR SONGs.... I still miss him a lot...

Quote14.03.2010 11:031 people like thisLike

I find that NO CONTACT with him is best.


Also, being with good friends, listening to great music, going out to gigs, and having a LAUGH!!


Watching rom com movies can be cathartic, or listening to sad songs - anything that brings on a good ol CRY!!!!


I still miss my ex and I think I always will. It was a classic case of unrequited love, because he's not over his ex. This is the risk we take with love -that our hearts will always belong to a certain someone. If that someone loves you back, you've got it made, but if not ......then you learn true unconditional love. Love them enough to set them free...



Quote30.03.2010 13:490 people like thisLike

That movie "First Wives Club" makes me feel SOOO much better after a breakup. It's very empowering. Working out, flirting, and dinner/drinks with friends also helps. Good luck, babe!

Quote19.04.2010 19:380 people like thisLike

I'm over it and have moved on for the past 5 years now! I've been cheated on, gave up my friends and have neglected myself for a man. It took me about 5 days to get over my ex. I know you may ask...how so soon? Well, the truth is that I wanted to do what any normal girl would do...get into another relationship. I pondered calling all the guys that I thought were worth being in a relationship with. Then I thought, I'm sooo hurt. A guy cannot take away what my ex did to me. I started to cry out to God, prayed and read scripture ALOT. I couldn't eat for 3 days. I stayed in the bed for a VERY long time...skipped class and didn't want to talk to anyone. I needed to recover. I am glad that I can love purely again. As an encouragement to the girls who struggle with regaining that confidence to be in a relationship or be single...please find a higher purpose in what you are going through. If you don't get over this then the struggle was purposeless. No challenge is new to man kind and the idea of YOU going through it doesn't mean it is out to destroy you. I hope that once you overcome your broken heart then you will recognize that it was all for you to become a better YOU. Stay blessed!

Quote22.07.2013 09:180 people like thisLike
I think that keeping yourself around friends and family,retail therapy,self help books and talking to people how they coped with their breakups works wonders I've always loved the saying "As one door closes,another door opens but its hell in the hallway" Every end has a new beginning so focus on Ur new life without him because yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery :-) stay strong and remember that this is just a journey you must go through to better yourself God bless x
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