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dating again.. but still thinking about my ex/
Quote28.08.2011 14:360 people like thisLike

is this normal?? i was REALLY in love with my ex and we broke up a year ago .. i started dating this new guy recently ( we were seeing eachother casually for like 5 months first) and hes really awesome and sweet and treats me sooo nicely (my ex cheated on me and was a total dick) yet i still cant stop thinking about my ex and i hate his new girlfriend... is this normal? helpp!

Quote29.08.2011 12:170 people like thisLike

That's totally normal.  But if you're still thinking about your ex, you shouldn't be dating someone for 5 months.  It's ok to be single for a while.  After my last relationship which lasted 4 years, I haven't dated anyone in 10 months.  It was a really bad relationship, we were both awful to each other.  I think I'm ready to date again now.  What I'm trying to say is there is no time limit and if you start dating someone else before you're over it, it can just make the current relationship bad too.  Just take some time off.  If this new guy is really as great as you say, he'll understand and maybe even wait for you to get over it.  Or maybe you'll meet someone else.  Just don't start thinking it's time to be with someone else just because a certain amount of time has passed.

Quote29.08.2011 23:410 people like thisLike

Yeah, I agree.  Don't date someone unless you're completely over your ex.  This is what caused me and my bf to break up after two and a half years!  If you care about this new guy, be honest with him and don't lead him on if you're not 100% devoted to him and only him.... which means not thinking of your ex's.  Just give yourself some more time to get over him.  It's normal don't worry if it takes you even longer than usual.  It's different for every person.

Quote28.02.2012 04:450 people like thisLike

When you are dating someone new and still thinking about your ex, it can be because you have not totally moved on, or there is just something that makes you reminded of him.  It does not automatically mean that what you did is wrong and you have to get back with them.

There will obviously be times when you will be reminded especially if you have shared so much together, but that is just the way life goes.

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